How Baby Sociopaths Flirt

Before I go into my reasons for why I got into a brief relationship with a sociopathic narcissist (different blog post, that), it occurred to me to show you what it feels like to be flirted with by one.

The initial exchange of humorous internet links is a typical way to gauge the tenor of a potential friendship. Morbid humor is within the scope of this exercise, and so this seemed fairly innocuous at the time. We had just met over Skype, and he instructed me to look up his favorite thing, Llamas with Hats. Little did I know he was already testing my sensitivity level to characters lacking empathy.

He didn’t offer any other comedy links in the future, which I took for simple laziness on his part. I still viewed him as normal then, albeit severely unimpressive in the humor department. Alas. What more should one expect from a 21 year-old white male Youtuber? This was all unfamiliar territory.


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