When Your Chakras Be Hoarding

It’s about to get real woo-woo up in here.
Last time we spoke, I told you I’d be coming back to talk about energetic cord cutting, remember? Which is in tune with October’s mood and aesthetic. Instead of picking up a ouiji board, we can create a conscious positive mindset by releasing or banishing the lingering spirits of past relationships. Like the trees, we can take this moment to let any negative or expired energy swirl away from us and fall to the ground.

Okay, so let’s start with how energetic connections are formed…

And next, we can take it to another level and do a body scan (this is a mindfulness technique, by the way) of our emotional body, to see where people’s energy has become attached to us.

I can remember after a falling out with a guy once, it felt as if the area behind my ribcage (lungs, especially) had been cleaned out, like a jack-o’-lantern, I felt that empty. The friendship recovered, but that moment really rocked my world in a “life comes at you fast” kind of way.

Another problem area for me is with my sacral chakra. Located at the pelvic area, supposedly emotional blockages can be opened up by lunges and wide-legged yoga stances you might want to try in private. Whenever I’m experiencing stress or uncertainty in my romantic relationships, the tension resides in my hips and my lower stomach. When I have tension/stiffness in my hips for instance, I feel like I can’t move to Beyoncé’s music properly. (The ramifications of this on my confidence levels are tremendous.)  Also, the solar plexus allegedly holds my power chakra. It ain’t so great when your power chakra is roiling with post-texting anxiety. Lastly, but most importantly, when I can’t seem to stop thinking about or talking to, or at, someone, it’s the crown chakra, letting the wrong one in, again.

Alright, so how do I leave my hotline blinging hooked-on-the-past bullshit in the past where it belongs? Some say cord-cutting, meditation and visualization works. Audio frequencies work on me occasionally. I’m continuing to try different things, whatever feels good, calming or even silly.

I did promise to tell you about EFT, didn’t I? Well, last week I looked up somebody who specializes in self-love, Gala Darling, and she had a fuzzy but cute video demonstration of it which got me curious to learn more. Here’s a look at Emotional Freedom Tapping:

That’s it, I’m out. Enjoy the rest of your October! #ScorpioSeason #DammitDrake


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