Keeping the “Creepy” Label From Sticking: Reacting to Rejection and Boundary Limits

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Naturally, most people do not want a reputation for making others uncomfortable or fearful, especially if they themselves would never intend to do such things. So it follows that people who step on boundaries by accident to the point of it becoming a recurring problem are concerned about what to do about it and many have turned to the blogosphere for insight and assistance. The response has not always been friendly.

Many feminist bloggers who are sick to death of the Creep question angrily respond to the massive chimeric wave of guys going “I’m not a bad person, I swear!” with

“Back off and apologize! DUH!! (You entitled misogynist, you!)”

Being Creepy is not a state, it’s a process. It’s a pattern of actions that can be interrupted at anytime. It’s not forever. Your understanding of “Creepy” will affect how you respond to advice on how not to be. We’ll…

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